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About us...

We provide our customers with a wide range of APIs and pharmaceutical products, supported by extensive global resources.​

Established for sourcing of quality manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipients to the pharmaceutical industry on the foundations of excellence, integrity, and quality; dedicated for customer satisfaction, Viera Pharmed is professionally and systematically managed in dealing with all types of pharmaceutical material and services.

With our division that contains experts in sourcing, supply chain, and customs clearance, we provide our customers with a wide range of APIs and pharmaceutical products, supported by extensive global resources.

Having long-term professional experience in the pharmaceutical supply chain and also close relationships with drug manufacturers from Asia and Europe, healthcare institutions, and consumers, Viera Pharmed is capable of providing full back-end support for any requirement in this field.

Our Services

Providing Expert Marketing Solutions and Building Sustainable Customer Relations​

We help facilitate smooth services for Imports, Exports. From linking ideal business partners together, procuring shipments to processing smooth payments, we are passionate about looking after our client’s best interests.

We provide the required assistance to overseas manufacturers to register their products in Iran Ministry of healths.

Supplying Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Packing Material

Our company is empowered to provide GSP warehouses and cold storage facility as well as importation permissions which has enabled us to supply all type of pharmaceutical requirements such as API, excipients and packing material with a smooth IRR payments and Agile delivery.

Manufacturing and Formulation Technology Transfer

Our company offers complete end-to-end solutions for a technology transfer based on different models of co-operation, license and supply. Each project set-up is unique, based on the project targets and thorough analysis of available know-how.

Our Products

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Product Name
Fusidic Acid
Dietary Supplements
Radiographic contrast agent
Itraconazole Pellets 22%
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
Nutritional agents
Vitamines and Amino acid
Proton PumpInhibitors (PPI)
Lansoprazole Pellets 8.5%
Proton PumpInhibitors (PPI)
Nutritional agents
Vitamines and Amino acid
Local Anesthetic
Lisdexamfetamine Mesilate
CNS stimulants
Loratadine (milled
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Unit 6, No7, Mina De, Aboureyhan St, Enghelab Ave, Tehran, Iran.



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